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English Riding Bits

Your choice of bit will depend on the level of experience of you and also of your horse, the discipline that you ride and the level of control that you need. Once you or your trainer have decided on the style of bit you need - like D-Ring, Eggbutt, Weymouth and Kimberwicke - you can then choose the style of mouthpiece and the size that fits your horse or pony's mouth. All bits are designed to put pressure on different parts of the horse's mouth or tongue. Release of that pressure rewards the horse when the desired action is achieved. HorseLoverZ.com offers you a wide selection of bits, from the most popular to others that are in hard-to-find sizes and configurations. You can find English Riding Bits from brands like Coronet, Shires, Korsteel and Centaur at prices we guarantee to be competitive.

Find the Perfect Bit for your Horse or Pony

The right kind of English riding bit can assure a horses responsiveness, eliminating the need for rough pulling and harsh commands. Equestrians of all disciplines will find the mouthpieces they need, no matter whether they seek simple D-ring designs or more advanced alternatives like a Hackamore or Curb bit. HorseLoverZ.com delivers hundreds of different English horse bits that range in size and style, all representing the craftsmanship of expert brands. Here, equestrians will find mouthpieces from well-loved manufacturers like Coronet, Happy Mouth, Toklat, Metalab, Myler Bits and Robart, all affordably priced. Riders can make their horse both receptive and contended with one of the many English equestrian bits sold online.