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              Hay Bags & Nets

              Dirty, soggy hay can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other problems. However, with the help of hay nets and bags, you can keep bales off the ground, organized and easily accessible to your horse. Crafted from durable materials, these innovative feeder bags and nets can be used in a variety of different settings, and many come equipped with special features to sift out dust and stop a horse from eating too much too fast. Explore HorseLoverZ.com's hay bale bags and slow feeder nets to healthily nourish your animals with products created by respected names like Tough-1, Shires, Professional's Choice, Cashel and more.

              Feed Your Horse Right with Hay Nets & Bags

              Figuring out how to store your feed and bales is a crucial component of stable management. Robustly-made hay bags and nets ensure that it is free of bugs and kept dry and clean, helping ensure your horses don't pick up any nasty bacteria or parasites. We offer a generous assortment of horse hay bags and slow feeder nets from respected brands like Tough1, Shires, Professionals Choice, HorZe and more, bringing you a host of designs and colors for your browsing pleasure. Each one of these products is fashioned to withstand the rigors of hungry horses, as well the weight of heavier bales. HorseLoverZ.com stands behind each and every horse hay bag and net in our store and, if for any reason you'd like to return the feeder, we will gladly offer you an exchange or refund.