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  • Alzoo Herbal Fly Repellent Collar for Horses

    Alzoo Herbal Fly Repellent Collar for Horses

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Alzoo fly collar

The fly collar works as advertised. A boarder noticed that my horse had 2 flies on him and said her horse had dozens of flies. Same barn and two stalls from mine. I have not experienced any fastener coming loose. I read the instructions in the box.
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fly collars

Love them for the horses helps alot
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Works great!

I got two of these and put them on two of my horses. They have worked great so far and I put them on at the beginning of May. I am now closely monitoring them for flies, etc. I will purchase them again.They will break free easily if caught.
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Certainly helps!!

Worked reasonably well

there should be a note ensuring people these will break easily if necessary (ie, quick release).
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Clips to secure collar fall off
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Sounds good doesn't work

Doesn't work
Verified Purchase

I do not think it repels any flies
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You need to address the safety issue!

I looked at this and the first thing I thought of was one of our horses caught and breaking it's neck. If it is breakaway, how does it work and do you guarantee this feature?