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              Fly Masks & Veils X

              Horse Fly Masks, Veils & Ear Nets

              While a horse's tail may be able to keep bugs away from some parts of the body, it doesn't have the ability to swat flies away from their face. This is where fly masks, veils and ear nets from HorseLoverZ.com come in handy. Created by industry greats like HorZe, Tough-1 and Cashel, equine fly masks and veils keep those annoying flies out of the equine's vulnerable eyes, while horse ear nets prevent bugs from getting in their ears with that distracting buzzing. When your animal isn't preoccupied by flies, gnats, and other flying insects, they'll be in a better mood.

              Equine Fly Masks & Veils Keep Bugs Out of Your Horse's Eyes

              If you think that the flies are annoying to you, imagine just how peeved your horse gets when they swarm around the eyes, ears and nose. Fly masks, veils, and ear nets for horses are a great way to make sure your beloved equine isn't pestered by buzzing insects while in the stall or out in the field. Crafted with breathable mesh, soft knits, and durable leather or nylon, these products are comfortable for your animals to wear for hours on end. HorseLoverZ.com's horse fly masks, veils and ear nets are crafted by the experts at HorZe, Tough-1, Cashel and Kensington, and come in a full range of fun colors and styles. No matter whether you're looking to outfit your pony or extra-large horse, we carry the protective fly masks, nets and veils for you.