Powerfields Polywire

Powerfields Polywire

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Powerfields Polywire is an excellent product we know our customers will love.

Powerfields polywire is the right product to quickly section pastures for rotational grazing or electrify perimeter rigid fences, reducing the risk of livestock damage or injury. When combined with any of our step-in posts and battery powered fence chargers, polywire is extremely portable. You can easily graze any part of your property without committing to a permanant installation.

  • 9 Wire All Season Polywire - is made with 3 tightly twisted, 12 strand, groups of .38mm, UV protected polyethylene monofilament, 36 total, and 9 strands of .20mm stainless steel wire. Two of the groups are white and one is black to provide and excellent contrast in either green summer fields or white winter snow. Its strong enough to be used for multi strand hot/ground fence systems.
  • 6 WIre Standard Polywire - has 3 tightly twisted groups of 5 monofilaments and 2 stainless wires for a total of 15 and 6. Excellent for rational grazing and tough enough to put up and take down over and over again without damaging the material.
  • 3 Wire Polywire - is our economy product for inexpensive temporary applications. It's made with same quality material as the 9 and 6 wire just scaled down to provide a better buy.

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