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Cyclo-ssage Pro Canine System

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Cyclo-ssage Pro Canine System

Cyclo-ssage Pro Canine System available at HorseLoverZ, the #1 place for horse products and equipment.

Cyclo-ssage Pro Canine Massage System
Brand new, the Pro Canine Massage System - manufactured exclusively in Germany for Cyclo-ssage - is a unique massage rug for dogs of all shapes and sizes offering cycloidal massage action together with infrared heat therapy.

The remote controlled Pro Canine System offers the ultimate relaxing treat for your four-legged friend as well as providing relief from a wide range of health issues including; arthritis, hip problems, breathing difficulties, back, neck and shoulder issues, uneven gait, muscular problems, intermittent lameness plus many more.

Extremely beneficial to many common problems and canine dilemmas the system is versatile and easy to use in many different situations.

What is the Cyclo-ssage Pro Canine Massage System?
The Pro Canine Massage System employs the same technology as used in our Pro Personal and Pro Equine Massage Systems, with the added benefit of carbon fibre infrared heating and a remote control facility.

The Pro Canine System is easy and simple to use and has been seen to help relax dogs in many situations, from show dogs to working dogs, including those used in professional environments such as the Police Force.

The Pro Canine System will help to alleviate the secondary symptoms often associated with the following conditions:

  • Uneven gait
  • Back, neck and shoulder issues
  • Unstable back legs
  • Signs of discomfort when stroked along the back
  • Hip problems
  • Behavioural changes, depressed and unwilling to be touched
  • Unwilling to go for a walk
  • Uninterested in play
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Difficulty in going up or down stairs
  • Difficulty in getting in and out of the car
  • Arthritis and muscle problems
  • Intermittent lameness
  • Difficulty and stiffness when rising from a sitting or lying down position

The Pro Canine System uses Cycloidal Massage which is oscillating rather than vibrating and reaches deeper in to the muscle tissues, without causing problems to existing joint conditions, such as arthritis. Already used in a wide range of situations the Pro Canine System can offer a huge improvement to quality of life whether a top class performance dog or loyal pet.

Benefits of using the Cyclo-ssage Pro Canine Massage System
Canine massage will not only improve and maintain overall health it will also invigorate dogs to want to enjoy life to the full with their caring owners
Using infrared provides a safe drug free alternative therapy.

Increase of circulation around the muscles supporting the spine and hips after using carbon fibre/infra red heating

Calming properties
It is generally accepted that dogs bark and make more noise when they are restless, tense, hyperactive or feeling aggressive. Regular massage from the Pro Canine System helps them relax, and ultimately become less agitated and more content.

Reduces aches and pains
As with humans, dogs suffer from sore and tired muscles after strenuous exercise. The Cycloidal massage that is applied using the Pro Canine System has been shown to be extremely beneficial for sport and working dogs, or for pet dogs that exercise vigorously. Regular use will strengthen the dogs muscle structure and help avoid cramp and muscle spasm.

Immune booster
The gentle massage action triggers chemicals called cytokines. These chemicals affect the dogs hormonal system, which brings down the level of stress hormones that weaken the immune system.

Massage combined with heat stimulates the blood circulation, which then increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the tissue and flushes out toxins and waste products. Regular massage with the Pro Canine System can also be very beneficial for dogs suffering from obesity.

Natural pain control
The Cycloidal Massage motors incorporated in the System will induce cells to release cytokines which instruct the brain to release pain-killing endorphins.

Stress relief
When adolescent dogs are introduced to routine massage they will experience less stress as they age and this will in turn encourage the dogs immune system to fight some common ageing ailments. The stress your dog can experience when moving to a new home, when boarding, or because of a change of environment can also be controlled and avoided by the relaxing effect of the Massage System.

Healing properties
Many injuries can be treated effectively with Cycloidal massage. It will help to restore your dogs mobility and flexibility if suffering from arthritis. It will also promote the repair process with bone fractures by encouraging retention of chemical compounds necessary for tissue repair and will generally accelerate healing time.

Greater concentration
Regular massage helps to improve your dogs performance and concentration during obedience and agility training or when having to learn tricks or new instructions.


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