Intrepid Smooth Leather Dynamic Dressage Saddle

Intrepid Smooth Leather Dynamic Dressage Saddle

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Intrepid Smooth Leather Dynamic Dressage Saddle

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The Intrepid Smooth Leather Dynamic Dressage Saddle was designed by FEI level international rider, trainer and clinician Peter Grigoriev after years of study and experimentation in conjunction with the most talented master saddlers.

Dynamic: a basic force, especially one that motivates, affects development or stability pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action. Active or energetic: pertaining to force related to motion. Thats why!!! These are all words that we like to see in reference to our horses: Motivation, Development, Stability, Active and Energetic. The Dynamic Tree gives the horse true freedom of movement and transfers part of the energy of the hind end into lateral dynamics of its body. This allows and enhances the lateral flexion, while maintaining the structure of the saddle and all dimensional flexibility.

In other wordsthe horse is able to bend and the tree bends with him without the saddle losing its structural integrity. It also allows a rider to take a classical seat, encouraging the horse to engage and carry the riders weight from the hind end. Under the riders weight the tree accepts the shapes of the horses body, not only while at rest but while in motion as well. It changes shape in the same way as the horses body does while moving, growing and developing. This makes the saddle fitting challenge a far less daunting task. The Saddle is designed to accommodate the anatomy and biomechanical ability of horses and riders; for both men and women. When properly positioned on the horses back, it positively effects the static and dynamic equilibriums and gives maximum freedom to the shoulders.

The Dynamic tree of the saddle fits most horses; high withered as well as wide backed animals and nearly all in between. Because the fit is correct, it gives real freedom of movement and allows non restricted lateral flexion. The flexible properties allow the saddle, under the riders weight, to produce lateral aids, directed from the twist area on each side every time horse uses hind legs. In these saddles, most riders find that they are able to truly loosen/relax their pelvic area, which in turn makes sitting to the horse much easier.

The enhanced feel of the horse is incredible and as there are no restrictions from the saddle, the horses performance goes up; vet bills come down. Horses are happier, riders are happier. Happiness abounds. Only superior quality leathers and materials are being used in making the saddles. The craftsmanship is of the highest standards and is delivered by an experienced team of professionals with innovative minds. Foam is used in the panels to eliminate the constant saga of re-flocking, restuffing and re-fitting. What to expect: Initially, the rider may feel that the saddle pushes them forward. If however, they sit back and relax the pelvis/open the hip joints and give themselves and their horse some time, after 10-15 minutes, the sensation of leaning forward will disappear and the rider will truly experience feeling the horses movement. Let the seat and hips follow the swing with the horses back and body. In other words do nothingbut do nothing very well. Take the most Dynamic ride of your life today.

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