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MANE-LY LONG HAIR Polisher/Protector

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MANE-LY LONG HAIR Polisher/Protector

MANE-LY LONG HAIR Polisher/Protector, if you are not 100% satisfied our excellent customer service is standing by to help. Mane-ly Long Hair POLISHER , PROTECT, DE-TANGLE, DE-FRIZZ, DE-MATT & SHINE. This says it all and more. An amazing product that will gently remove Tornado tangles, Knots, mats and burrs in Minutes NOT Hours! Relaxes dreadlocks, and allows brushing regularly which cleans the hair and keeps it detangle free longer.

Maintains healthy hair, while protecting it from the elements. Encourages Hair Growth while keeping it tangle free. Long Lasting formula that can last approximately 5-12 days or longer, once hair is conditioned. Easy to use, and adds shine and makes Grooming FAST AND EASY. Brushing is easy without hair loss or breakage! Formulated with Keratin Amino Acids, Panthenol and Layered water and non water soluble silicones,(no alcohol added , read our article about silicones and how great they are!). A Nourishing long lasting formula that is non greasy and leaves no residue. Repels dust and dirt, cuts grooming time, keeps hair tangle free, soft and silky. Strengthens new hair growth while preventing breakage and dryness. Hair does not need to be washed or clean prior to usage.

We encourage brushing with our system. Brushing keeps the horse cleaner and healthier. When you have the correct amount of Polisher in the hair and use our brushes you will not be pulling out or breaking the hair!!! Polisher allows for the glide with its silkiness it leaves in the hair. Not oily, does not gunk up, no residue, it just wears away or washes out.


HORSE: We suggest starting with a half dollar size for an average mane and tail. Take the detangler brush and start at the ends and work upward. If you are struggling at this point with our Detangler brushe then it means you need to add more polisher! Never struggle and pull hair out! Add a little more until you have achieved the appropriate amount to detangle and brush with ease! The 12 oz. bottle will last approximately 8-12 months with an average mane and tail, used regularly. This shows how less often you need to reapply and how long it lasts in the hair. Remember, Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher is not just for tangles, but used as your regular maintenance.

People: After rinsing our conditioner out, apply a few drops to wet hair, leave in and brush with our detangler brush. Adjust amount according to thickness of hair, and allowing to brush with ease. Leave in hair. Protects the hair from heating elements too! Touch up to dry hair to help with mats and frizzes.

Dog: We suggest only a few drops to start. Add more if necessary. Apply to dry coat with hands and distribute through. Apply extra to mats and tangles to remove. Take damp cloth to remove excess, so it is not licked off. Add as needed.

Cats: Remove matts, burrs etc. Do not leave in, cats lick. Remove with dampened cloth.

Mane-ly Long Hair Polishter/Protector:

  • Is Easy to use
  • Keeps hair tangle free
  • Doesn't require washing prior to usage
  • Cuts grooming time
  • Polishes/Protects
  • Repels dust & dirt
  • Can be used on a dry, wet, clean or dirty ,mane, tail, forelock and feathers
  • Removes tornado tangles and burrs fast
  • Maintains show quality hair, leaving it soft , silky and shine

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