Agrilabs Vetgun Co2 Adapter - 90 Gm


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Agrilabs Vetgun Co2 Adapter - 90 Gm

Agrilabs Vetgun Co2 Adapter - 90 Gm available at HorseLoverZ, the #1 place for horse products and equipment.
AiM-L VetCaps System cattle fly control from AgriLabs provides a first-of-its-kind, convenient, stress-free, whole-herd horn fly control option that saves you time and helps reduce your labor costs.Makes horn fly control quicker, easier and safer for humans and animalsIdeal for operations that may not have sufficient facilities or labor to move and work cattle, especially during hot weather. The AiM L VetCaps System eliminates the need for running cattle through a chute when treatment is needed.Does not require additional labor or special handling facilities. Allows one person to apply effective treatment at their own pace. Reduces the possibility of injury to both humans and animals.The AiM-L (Advanced Insecticide Management with Lambda-cyhalothrin and piperonyl butoxide) VetCap System is made up of two components: AiM-L VetCaps and a VetGun. AiM-L VetCapsEPA-approved insecticide gelatin capsules offer proven effective control of horn and face flies, and biting and sucking lice on beef cattle greater than 600 lbs. Capsules burst upon contact with the animal, leaving your cattle protected from costly pests.Each capsule contains 1.5% lambda-cyhalothrin and 7.5% piperonyl butoxide.For use only with the VetGun. Can be applied 20-30 feet away while cattle are milling around or feeding. Aim to apply capsule to the middle of the side of animal's body anywhere between front shoulders and 6 inches ahead of the base of the tail. Can be repeated as often as needed, but not more than once every 2 weeks and not more often than 4 times within a 6 month period. VetGun: Its work, its fun, it gets the job doneall rolled into one!Simple-to-use, accurate, reliable applicator gun allows you to treat 100 head of cattle in a fraction of the time required by other methods. You can quickly load the CO2-powered gun in the field without touching the insecticide in the AiM-L VetCaps. Producer-controlled velocity offers use in a range of operation conditions and settings. Quiet, too cattle quickly become accustomed to the sound. VetGun Kit includes VetGun, VetCap feeder tube (holds up to 15 VetCaps), 25 gm CO2 adapter, 90 gm CO2 adapter, spare VetGun o-ring set, instructional DVD, manual, warranty information and cleaning tool. VetCaps and gas not included.VetGun Carrying Case specifically designed for the VetGun now available. Has optimal space for CO2 canisters, VetCaps and much more. Case made of highly durable fabric with ample padding for convenient storage and handling. Measures 27L x 1.5W x 14H.Not for sale in AK, CA, NY

Size:  90 Gm
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1. All auctions are sold to the highest bidder. We do not reserve auctions, once minimum bid is met.

2. Auctions Carry the same Return Policy as everything else on our site! However Auctions may not be exchanged for another size or color, they ...



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    Auction Rules, Terms and Conditions

    1. All auctions are sold to the highest bidder. We do not reserve auctions, once minimum bid is met.

    2. Auctions Carry the same Return Policy as everything else on our site! However Auctions may not be exchanged for another size or color, they can only be returned for store credit or a refund, less shipping and handling.

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