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EquiFit All Purpose T-Boot - Front Boot
EquiFit All Purpose T-Boot - Front Boot
  • EquiFit All Purpose T-Boot - Front Boot
  • EquiFit All Purpose T-Boot - Front Boot

EquiFit All Purpose T-Boot - Front Boot

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The EquiFit T-Boot Series is the first line of boots to combine an advanced, custom fit with interchangeable, shock absorbing liners that can be paired with a variety of outer shells to meet each riders needs.Featuring T-Foam Technology,the All Purpose T-Boot offers all-around durable protection for daily exercise and turn out. Durable, Rhinotek outer shell resists tears, scuffs and scratches and is easy to clean.

Created to be as tough and impenetrable as real rhinoceros hide, Rhinotek is a super tough, highly abrasion-resistant and puncture-proof material. Rugged enough to stand up in wet and dry conditions and extreme hot or cold temperatures, Rhinotek sets the standard in high-grade fabric and looks like new when cleaned with a damp sponge. The boots come withmachine washable liners.

The All PurposeT-Boot features:

  • New Velcro for a stronger, more durable hold between boot and liner
  • T-Foam lining conforms to horses leg for a custom fit, every time
  • Full coverage protection
  • Easy on adjustable Velcro
  • Removable T-Foam liners can be machine washed, dried and replaced

Made in the USA

Overall Fit

  • Unlike standard neoprene boots, T-Boots are designed to fit snugly. 
  • Reacting to body heat and pressure, T-Foam softens and molds to fit the exact anatomy of any horse’s legs, creating a custom fit boot, every time it’s worn.

Elastic Straps & Closure Adjustability

  • For optimum elastic stretch when applying T-Boots, pull the elastic strap out and away from the leg before crossing it over the cannon bone.

Temperature and Boot Fit

  • T-Foam is temperature-sensitive and in cold conditions T-Foam liners may lose pliability.
  • If this occurs, warm liners indoors or by using body heat before applying to the leg.
  • As the T-Foam warms, it will soften - after a few minutes, check the T-Boots and re-adjust fit as needed.

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