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Victor Fast Kill Refillable Bait Station
Victor Fast Kill Refillable Bait Station

Victor Fast Kill Refillable Bait Station

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VICTOR Fast-Kill Bait Stations are made with a powerful single-feed non-anticoagulant. Containing the fastest formulation on the market, Fast-Kill brand controls the toughest rodent populations in 1-2 days and in some cases in only a couple hours. For this reason, Fast-Kill is the ideal bait for an economical and quick knock down of occasional problems. With Fast-Kill brand unique formulation, rodents will stop feeding after eating a lethal dose. This allows you to control more rodents with less bait! Additionally, since mice arent over eating, there is no risk of secondary poisoning with Fast-Kill brand baits. So pets won't be harmed if they accidentally eat a poisoned rodent!

Made in the USA, Fast-Kill brand baits use the highest quality, bakery grade ingredients that rodents find irresistible. Some of these premium ingredients, such as oats, have been left whole in the blocks to further entice rodents by appealing to their desire to gnaw. Additionally, multiple gnaw edges are pre-shaped into the blocks foster increased interaction. VICTOR Fast-Kill Bait Stations are formulated for use indoors or outdoors and are ideal for a variety of weather conditions. VICTOR blocks are perfect for any rodent control need.

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