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                Pura Naturals

                Pura Naturals

                • Pura Naturals Shampoo

                  Pura Naturals Shampoo

                  $12.99 $19.95 (35% off)
                • Pura Naturals Powder Dry Shampoo

                  Pura Naturals Powder Dry Shampoo

                  $9.99 $14.95 (34% off)
                • Pura Naturals Hoof Rescue

                  Pura Naturals Hoof Rescue

                  $12.99 $19.95 (35% off)
                • Pura Naturals Healing Balm

                  Pura Naturals Healing Balm

                  $12.99 $19.95 (35% off)
                • Pura Naturals Ear Cleaning Kit

                  Pura Naturals Ear Cleaning Kit

                  $15.99 $24.95 (36% off)

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                My mare loved these! The "fingers" are nice and long and with the grooves holds the drops so can make it into the ears and can then see how much dirt and wax you are removing. I recommend this product