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                • Abetta Navajo Felt Back Western Saddle Pad

                  Abetta Navajo Felt Back Western Saddle Pad

                  $28.29 $37.99 (26% off)
                • Abetta Studded Overlay Halter

                  Abetta Studded Overlay Halter

                  $20.89 $29.99 (31% off)
                • Abetta SS

                  Abetta SS "S" Hackamore

                  $41.59 $59.99 (31% off)
                • Abetta Wool Saddle Blanket

                  Abetta Wool Saddle Blanket

                  $33.29 $47.99 (31% off)
                • ABETTA Handi-Hook with  3 Hooks

                  ABETTA Handi-Hook with 3 Hooks

                  $5.79 $10.99 (48% off)
                • Abetta Abetta 3Pc Bridle, Pad & B/C Pkg

                  Abetta Abetta 3Pc Bridle, Pad & B/C Pkg

                  $109.79 $157.99 (31% off)
                • Abetta Ss Colt Snaffle

                  Abetta Ss Colt Snaffle

                  $21.59 $33.99 (37% off)
                • Abetta Medicine Bag

                  Abetta Medicine Bag

                  $134.99 $169.99 (21% off)
                • Abetta Leather Stake Hobble

                  Abetta Leather Stake Hobble

                  $13.79 $29.99 (55% off)
                • Abetta Leather Saddle Bag

                  Abetta Leather Saddle Bag

                  As Low As $87.79 $211.99
                • Abetta Luke Jones Snaffle Bit

                  Abetta Luke Jones Snaffle Bit

                  $29.79 $59.99 (51% off)
                • Abetta Bright Cotton Saddle Blanket

                  Abetta Bright Cotton Saddle Blanket

                  $15.89 $25.99 (39% off)
                • Abetta Head Bumper

                  Abetta Head Bumper

                  $16.59 $23.99 (31% off)
                • Abetta Cordura Headstall

                  Abetta Cordura Headstall

                  $13.29 $17.99 (27% off)
                • Abetta Reiner Gag Bit

                  Abetta Reiner Gag Bit

                  $33.29 $51.99 (36% off)
                • Abetta Bright Navajo Blanket

                  Abetta Bright Navajo Blanket

                  As Low As $9.99 $25.99
                • Abetta Cordura Split Reins

                  Abetta Cordura Split Reins

                  $10.39 $19.99 (49% off)
                • Abetta Cinch Guard

                  Abetta Cinch Guard

                  $14.19 $21.99 (36% off)
                • Abetta Dressing Brush

                  Abetta Dressing Brush

                  $2.69 $4.99 (47% off)
                • Abetta Jr. Groom Master Curry

                  Abetta Jr. Groom Master Curry

                  $2.79 $4.99 (45% off)
                • Braided Barrel Reins

                  Braided Barrel Reins

                  $12.49 $18.99 (35% off)
                • Abetta Ostrich Classic Saddle Package

                  Abetta Ostrich Classic Saddle Package

                  As Low As $708.39 $1,009.99
                • Abetta Nylon Browband Headstall

                  Abetta Nylon Browband Headstall

                  $10.89 $15.99 (32% off)
                • Abetta Cordura Roper Rein

                  Abetta Cordura Roper Rein

                  $6.99 $15.99 (57% off)

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                Recent Abetta Reviews

                Verified Purchase

                Great Pad, with a budget friendly price

                Nice little pad. Thick and sturdy. Color was perfect to match my silver holographic tack set. As advertised. Can't beat the price . Came on time with no issues.
                Verified Purchase

                Love it

                Like the blanket. Bright pretty colors.
                Verified Purchase

                Verified Purchase

                Abetta Vaquero Knot Rein

                February 16, 2020

                I bought this item because it was on sale, and I had purchased the Abetta Vaquero Knot Headstall and wanted it to match. I didn't have super high hopes for it because of the price. I was pleasantly surprised that when it arrived in the main that it looked quite nice. I absolutely hate the clips that connect the reins to the head stall but that is my personal preference. I decided to give these a try and see if they will change my opinion. They feel very sturdy and look great with the matching head stall.
                Verified Purchase

                Very nice quality reins. Very long and useful.
                Verified Purchase

                Abetta Navajo Blanket

                January 31, 2020

                Je ladore beau tissus bien fait ! Bonne grandeur !
                Verified Purchase

                Good deal!
                Verified Purchase

                Abetta Head Bumper

                January 23, 2020

                Great item
                Verified Purchase

                The only problem was it took 26 days to get it from when it was ordered.
                Verified Purchase

                Abetta Massage Comb

                January 8, 2020

                My favorite curry for thick winter coats.