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HorseLoverZ, the World’s largest online tack store, brings you a large selection of horse riding related products from your favorite brands, including the latest Buckeye Nutrition selection. You can always find the most popular Horse Barn & Stable Supplies & Equipment on HorseLoverZ, at unbeatable prices either through our online auctions, sales or our Price Match Guarantee!

Recent Buckeye Nutrition Reviews

Verified Purchase

Tasty low sugar treats

My horse loves to get her peppermint treats and I like that they are low sugar.
Verified Purchase

My horse loves these!
Verified Purchase

Safe reward for good work

I use this product as a training tool for my horse in natural horsmanship sessions. Well known manufacturer and I can give it knowing its safe to use.
Verified Purchase

They don't crumble to bits or get sticky and soggy, they're small so I can feed a bajillion of them, and the horses (and dogs) love them.
Verified Purchase

Perfect for Clicker Training

Love the smaller size of the treat. All of my horses love them. Great for rewarding during clicker training.
Verified Purchase

Diet cookies that are small & mighty tasty.

Buckeye Treats - Great!

My 3 horses love Buckeye Peppermint Bits. I use them for rewards, trick training and just because. Smaller than most treats so I can give more. The smaller treats seem to motivate more.
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