Curry Combs & Brushes

Brushes and curry combs help you to remove debris from your horse's coat which is an essential part of the grooming process. There are several types of horse curry combs available for different purposes. There is the rubber curry, Sarvis or plastic curry, super soft rubber curry, and the round curry with cone-shaped fingers (Grooma Groomer). Horse grooming brushes come in several types such as the dandy or stiff brush, medium stiff/medium soft brush, body or finishing brush, and face brush.

Grooming is usually started with using the curry comb to loosen up dirt on top of the hair coat and from the under coat as well. The dandy brush is used next to brush off the majority of dust/dirt. A body brush is then used to give the coat a nice finish. Brushes and curry combs for horses come in many colors as well as sizes to fit adults and children. HorseLoverZ carries several types of horse grooming brushes and curry combs to satisfy your caretaking needs.

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