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Ropes are thrown around a target and tightened when pulled. Ropes come in a variety of styles. These include roping ropes, lariat ropes, kid's lassos and cowboy lassos. Ropes used as lariats are stiff so that the loop will stay open while thrown. Ropes can come in a variety of lengths, colors, levels of softness and materials. Ropes can be found on the ranch or in multiple rodeo events. Rope reins are often used with ropes so that the lariat does not get tangled in the reins.

Abetta, Tough-1 and Billy Cook are some of the top brands we carry. All our lariat ropes for sale and roping ropes come with the HorseLoverZ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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What are Western Ropes?

Ropers are only as good as their equipment, which is why at HorseLoverZ.com, we offer our customers a variety of high-quality roping equipment from brands like Tough-1, Abetta and Billy Cook. The majority of ropers enjoy practicing with a variety of roping equipment, including classic lariat ropes, calf roping ropes as well as gloves for team roping ropes. Using an assortment of roping equipment helps improve an individual's overall roping acumen and improves his or her overall riding ability.

What are Western Ropes?

A Western rope is sometimes referred to as a lariat or a 'lasso.' A lariat is a loop of rope that is designed to restrain a target. Once the lariat is thrown around a target, the rope is pulled, which causes it to tighten. Lariat ropes are stiff, which ensures that the loop remains open even when thrown. Typically, rope reins are used to keep the lariat from getting tangled in the reins.

Lariat ropes are used during rodeo events, including team roping ropes events. These lariat ropes are also used to capture livestock on a working ranch. With these ranch ropes, steers can be roped and goats can be tied.

Once the steer is caught, the lariat rope may be wrapped or tied around its horn. After catching the steer, the roper can use the strength and weight of his or her horse to complete the capture.

Types of Western Ropes

At HorseLoverZ.com, we offer an extensive selection of Western ropes. The ropes we offer are available in a variety of colors, lengths, lays and styles. In addition, materials and softness levels vary. Common rope materials include nylon, leather and polyester yarn. Ropes may be twisted or braided.

Some of the Western ropes available at HorseLoverZ.com include:

  • Calf roping ropes – specifically designed for calf ropers.
  • Lariat rope whips – used to direct the horse.
  • Quick-release lariat ropes – allow the roper to release the rope without dismounting from the horse.
  • Over-and-under ropes – these fit around the saddle horn and are used as a means to direct your horse.
  • Kid's lassos – these lassos are perfect for teaching young ropers the art of roping.

Team roping ropes are also available, these ropes are specifically designed to meet the needs of the header or heeler roper:

  • Heeler lariat ropes – these ropes are stiff, so they stay open and allow the roper to capture the hind feet of the steer.
  • Header lariat ropes – softer than the heeler lariat so it can securely curl around the horns.

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