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Our horse hay feeders include horse hay bags, nets, and racks for barns or trailers. Hay bags, nets and racks come in a variety of materials and colors. Hay bags are typically nylon bags with a large opening in the top to insert the hay and then a smaller opening on the side for your horse to eat the hay. Some bags also incorporate netting to keep hay from falling out too easily. Hay nets are braided cotton or nylon rope that can be tied up off the ground a safe distance from hooves to keep hay off the ground. Slow feed bags for horses are frequently used in trailers to keep them occupied while traveling or waiting at shows. Horse trailer hay racks are also used in stalls to keep hay out of soiled bedding and promote less waste.

Hay bags, nets and racks from brands like Tough-1, Weaver or Kensington.  All of our horse hay feeders, bags, nets, and racks come with the HorseLoverZ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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More about Hay Racks

A well-run stable requires the use of hay bags, hay racks and hay nets. We offer hay racks, hay bags and hay nets in an assortment of colors, and consisting of various materials. When choosing the hay racks, hay nets for horses and/or hay bags, keep in mind that horses prefer easy to use systems. Choose a feeding system that is safe, minimizes waste and is easy to clean.

What are Horse Hay Racks?

Using horse hay racks for feeding is beneficial because very little hay is wasted. Since the hay remains in place, the hay will not mix with the horse's feces or bedding. In addition, horse racks make it easy to see which horses need more hay.

Types of Hay Racks

Horse hay racks typically consist of steel rods that are gray or powder-coated black. There are corner hay racks, wall racks as well as hay racks specifically designed to hold hay and grain. Furthermore, some feeders are collapsible.

What are Hay Bags for Horses?

Hay bags have a large opening in the top to make inserting hay easy: There is a smaller opening on the side of the bag from which your horse accesses the hay. Some hay bags for horses have netting covering the horse's opening to reduce the amount of hay that falls out of the hay bag while the horse eats.

Types of Hay Bags

In general, hay bags are constructed of nylon and are available in a variety of colors and prints. Some of the hay bags we offer at HorseLoverZ.com have dividers. We also offer hay bags for horses that are designed to manage how long it takes your horse to eat his or her hay ('medium feed' or 'slow feed').

What are Hay Nets for Horses?

Many horse owners use hay nets in trailers to help their horses stay occupied as they travel or while waiting to perform in a show. During travel, these hay nets for horses need to be hung high enough to keep the horse from tripping on it once the bag is empty. The same is true when hanging a hay net in the horse's stall: However, some veterinarians recommend that the hay net be hung outside the horse's door. Horse owners may choose hay nets as opposed to hay bags because weighing and soaking or dampening the hay is easier with a net.

Types of Hay Nets for Horses

Hay nets are used to keep hay from falling on the ground. These nets consist of nylon rope or braided cotton.

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