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Maintaining the health of your horse's hooves with daily care and routine trimming or shoeing is essential for his comfort and well-being. Horse hoof picks are used to remove dirt, mud or rocks from the sole and sensitive frog of the hoof. This helps prevent stone bruises as well as a thrush infection. A stiff hoof brush is used to brush the sole and hoof wall free of debris. HorseLoverZ has a large selection of hoof picks in many colors, designs or brands at low prices. There are several types of hoof dressings available which are used to provide moisture, improve texture and elasticity, to toughen/harden the hooves as well as treat thrush infections. Farrier horse trimming tools such as hoof knives, nippers, rasps or clinch cutters are available at HorseLoverZ for the owner who can provide advanced hoof care or for farriers shopping for needed supplies.

HorseLoverZ is your one-stop shop for horse hoof picks, trimming tools, and care supplies at everyday low prices. All our horse hoof care products and farrier tools come with the HorseLoverZ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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What are Horseshoeing Tools?

Routine shoeing and trimming is vital to maintaining your horse's comfort and his or her well-being. You can find horseshoeing tools for sale at HorseLoverZ.com, but make sure you know what you need first.

What are Horseshoeing Tools?

Farriers typically have tool kits that contain specialized horse hoof care tools. HorseLoverZ.com has a variety of farrier tools for sale from brands like Tough-1 and Farrier Craft.

Types of Horseshoeing Tools

Even if you hire a farrier to care for your horse's hooves, you should have a few horse hoof care tools on hand. However, you should only use horseshoeing tools that you are familiar with: Ask your farrier if he or she will train you in how to properly use basic horse hoof care tools in case of an emergency. For example, there may be times when you need to remove mud, rocks or dirt from the sensitive frog and sole of your horse's hoof: Removing these right away helps prevent thrush infections and stone bruises.

Hoof Picks

Used to remove mud, stones and dirt from the horse's hooves.

Hoof Knives

This knife is used to cut out unnecessary frog and sole. There are right-handed and left-handed hoof knives available.

Hoof Dressing Brushes, Hoof Paint Brushes, Hoof Oil Brushes

These brushes are used to apply dressing to a horse's hooves.

Hoof Cleaning Brushes

Since these brushes are used to clean the horse's hooves they are stiffer than the other brushes used for applying dressings.

Hoof Stands

Hoof stands are available in various shapes and heights. These stands are used to complete a nailing job.

Nail Clinchers

After securing the horse's shoe with nails, nail clinchers are used to fold the nail over the shoe. This ensures the shoe remains on the hoof.

Hoof Nippers

A farrier uses hoof nippers to cut a hoof wall to the correct length. Farriers also use hoof nippers to remove any extra sole as well as to cut off damaged areas of the hoof or sole. Using nippers to bevel the edge of the horse's hoof reduces the need for excessive rasping. These nippers may also be used to trim the frog.

Nailing Hammers

These hammers are smaller than a carpentry hammer. The farrier uses this specially designed hammer to gently push the nails through the shoe and into the hoof wall. The other side of the hammer has two claws. Once the nail protrudes from the side of the hoof, the nail is bent and then wrung off using these claws.

Clinch Blocks

When setting the nails prior to clinching, this block is placed underneath the 'wrung off' nail. Additionally, clinch blocks are used to unclinch a nail before pulling the horse's shoe.

Horseshoe Pullers

A horseshoe puller resembles a hoof nipper, except it is larger. Farriers use horseshoe pullers to remove the shoe.

Hoof Testers

This device is used while examining the horse's hooves. A hoof tester applies pressure to specific areas to help pinpoint areas of pain.

Hoof Rasps

This multi-purpose tool is basically a nail file for horses. Hoof rasps can be used to keep the hooves even and level when the horse is not wearing shoes. Hoof rasps are also used to address any hoof parts hanging over the shoe as well as to round up the edges. In addition, the hoof wall and nails can be rasped down when needed.

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