Horse Hoof Care

Horse health care items are essential to have around the barn. Horse hoof care is an essential part of maintaining your horses overall health and soundness. As the saying goes, "No hoof, no horse." The horse's hoof is subject to a variety of ailments. Horses standing on damp ground or in unclean stalls can be subjected to a bacterial and or a fungal condition in the hoof called Thrush. Wet conditions or mud can cause the horses hooves to weaken and crumble. Excessively dry ground or footing can cause the horses hooves to become dry, brittle and crack. Caring for your horses hooves is very important and should be a priority.

Top of the line brand name products like Farnam, Absorbine or Fiebings can help prevent and or treat horse thrush. Hoofmaker is a popular brand of hoof conditioner that can soften dry, cracked and brittle hooves. These horse hoof care products and many more can be found at everyday low prices and come with the HorseLoverZ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for vitamins & supplements or grooming supplies, take a look at what HorseLoverZ has to offer. We carry any type of horse equipment you could want at prices you can't beat.

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