Showquest Show Jumper Tie

Showquest Show Jumper Tie


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Showquest Show Jumper Tie is an excellent product we know our customers will love.

Showquest is a very fine line of quality stock ties and accessories featuring top grade fabrics in delicate and beautifully crafted designs, and an attention to detail that is unsurpassed.

Color: Satin White
Size:  Adult

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Item # 200-208464

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Customer Reviews (1)

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Jaime R

from New York

June 2, 2019

Hey there, shorty

I was somewhat disappointed with the workmanship on this simple product. A necktie is a relatively simlpe garment, yet this one is barely cut and assembled long enough to tie properly. Even under the Rompf collar which is a forgivingly wide spread-collar, the inadequate length of the narrow portion of the tie means that you get only one shot at getting the proportions correct with no adjustment available. In fact, due to not enough length of the narrow portion of the tie, there is only one setting for this tie, and only a single-wrap knot available. Normally that attempt at quickly tying a single-wrap knot would leave you with not enough width to play with the knot shape to get it rounded and puffy, since a single knot (e.g. the standard quick Four-in-Hand or a Half Windsor) tied at the narrow part of the tie always comes off looking too triangular. But since this tie is so wide and short, there is only one way to tie it and still fit under the collar. And I don't have a weight-lifter's neck. Forget this tie if you're built like a linebacker. You can actually see this clearly in the picture - look how short the narrow portion is. Once you retie the blasted thing several times to find the one and only setting that fits under the collar, it barely has enough length to reach your navel, and comes up short of the top of your belt if you wear your pants at your hips. You are in danger of looking like a clown with an inadequately short and overly fat tie, so you have to keep retying until you hit the one-and-only magic setting. But even with that, you'll feel like a kid at first communion ( or Bar Mitzvah) which means this tie is not adding to your confidence in a ring or otherwise in front of a judge. I thought, oh well, I'll just stick it on the rack for rotation into the tie collection, but the workmanship on this tie is so poor that the silky liner seems to be pulling off the triangular tip at the back. Given the fight necessary to retie this thing several times to find the one-and-only magic setting, I doubt it will last more than one or two wearings before the backing liner starts drooping out of the tip. One thing they got right, there's a label at the back into which you can tuck the narrow tail end to keep the finished presentation tidy, even while riding, I suppose. But unfortunately the length of the narrow portion is so inadequate, as I've already mentioned for tying the knot, that shortness also prevents you from getting a tuck behind the label except for the very tip, which likely won't stay there once you are moving around such as riding a test or other show situation. I can't imagine trying to show in hand or even leading with any sort of dignity while wearing this barely acceptable tie. Plus add in tons of extra time and frustration to hit the one-and-only magic setting, and you have unnecessary stress added to any occasion you might choose for the white-on-white look (even a fun White-on-White party!). Plan ahead triple the time you'd normally use to tie a standard tie - or more - so you don't keep your spouse or plus-one waiting, or worse yet, end up late to an event if you are the plus one. Honestly, I feel like overstitching the liner, which I would do if I had any sewing skills - or maybe rip out the center seam, re-proportion the widths, and try to get more overall length to allow for a Full Windsor double knot that can take up any extra length.

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