Bates Victrix Saddle

Bates Victrix Saddle

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Bates Victrix Saddle - Victory is your new show jumping secret weapon! Unleash your horse's true power with the NEW Bates Victrix! Lightweight and compact, the ultra-close Bates Victrix offers your horse complete comfort and freedom in every stride, giving your partnership the edge over the competition. When every second matters and you are powered by in the Bates Victrix to be your ultimate secret weapon.

Features: SynergyPanel | SweetSpot | Adjustable Flexibloc system | Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

Sizes: 16.5/42 cm;17/43 cm;17.5/44 cm

Weight: 13.9 lb/6.3 kg

Colors: Classic Black or Havana Brown with colored highlights available by special order.

Colored highlights available: Classic Black, Havana Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Spice, Tan, Navy, Aqua, Violet and Pink

Please Note: It may take up to 12 weeks for your Bates Victrix to arrive. It will be worth the wait!

The show jumpers secret weapon, the Bates Victrix promises to improve their:

  • Horses performance, giving them total freedom and unrivalled impact absorption.
  • Balance to let them ride instinctively and effortlessly in sync with their horses movement.
  • Unshakeable belief and trust, the rider will feel in command and fiercely competitive.

    The Bates Victrix promises show jumpers: They have never been this close to their horse. Why show jumpers will rave about the Bates Victrix Seat:

  • Pin-pointed in their SweetSpot, riders are poised for take off
  • Perfectly balanced, riders can stay with their horses movement effortlessly
  • Compact and low profile, riders have freedom to move and trust their instincts
  • Unprecedented contact, their lower leg is on and effortlessly stable, their hands are light and they are in command.
  • The technical features that deliver this experience: SweetSpot, Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar, adjustable Flexibloc system, low profile SynergyPanel, streamlined girth point attachment and Luxe Leather.

    Never has a saddle held such power to unlock their horses best performance:

  • Freedom of their shoulder to reach maximum height, under a lightweight saddle
  • Comfortable and focused at all times, thanks to a protective cushioning and a tree that flexes with their every movement
  • Light and sure footed, with instant recovery thanks to the unsurpassed shock absorbency on their horses back.

    The technical features that deliver this experience: SynergyPanel, Elastiflex Tree, CAIR Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution

    Together the Bates Victrix promises you have never been this close to your horse:

  • A panel so fine, yet unsurpassed in comfort and protection for your horse
  • Fine-tuned to each: Rider for effortless balance and effective communication/Horse for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Maximum close-feel and seamless contact to work in unison..

    Key information about the Bates Victrix Saddle:

  • Adjust Ergonomic Stirrup Bar and adjust the position of the Flexiblocs at the front and rear of their saddles to perfectly support their position.
  • Much attention has been paid to the closeness of the Bates Victrix. To enhance the close-contact feel, we recommend Bates Stirrup Leathers with Luxe Leather which feature a riveted buckle which is designed to remove one thickness of leather from under the riders leg.
  • Luxe Leather is unique. Luxe Leather is the finest calf leather in the world and should be cared for with regular applications of a rich wax-based balsam such as Bates Leather Balsam. Applying a protective layer of balsam prior to exposure to rain/water will ensure water beads off the surface and prevent premature wear.
  • Prior to riding in the saddle, it is highly recommended that the rider liberally dresses the saddle allowing it to soak in overnight. The overnight process ensures maximum penetration into the leather, helping to seal in the moisture and protect the saddle providing a surface barrier, protecting against wear and color loss. Any of the following are signs your saddle needs greater hydration - (overnight process) color loss, rough surface, or stiffness/dryness. All of these can be reversed with appropriate care when picked up early.
  • Can't find exactly what you are looking for? Call us at 1-800-8-SADDLE. Here at HorseLoverZ, we work hard to bring our customers the best prices on everything from healthcare products to saddles.

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