Gatsby 100% Natural Himalayan 2lb Rock Salt with 36" Rope

Gatsby 100% Natural Himalayan 2lb Rock Salt with 36" Rope

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Gatsby 100% Natural Himalayan 2lb Rock Salt with 36" Rope

100% Natural Himalayan 2lb Rock Salt with 36" Rope comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

100% All Natural Himalayan Rock Salt. A 550 million year old source of minerals and trace elements for your horse or pony. Mined from the vast and ancient Himalayan mountains, the distinctive rose pink color comes from the salts high mineral content, such as iron, potassium and magnesium, which are all vital for maintaining health. Himalayan rock salt licks are literally 'rock hard, this means that horses, ponies, deer, and livestock are unable to bite chunks off the block, a problem that can occur with the softer pressed salt licks. These licks are also much more weather resistant, which means they can be safely left outside in the field for horse to self dose. Our experience has show that horses do prefer these to other salt licks.
GREAT for Horses, Deer, Cows, Goats, Llamas, Sheep and other livestock.

This product can not be shipped to the following countries: Canada

Color: Natural Pink
Size:  2 lb

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    Customer Reviews (40)

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    Verified Purchase

    aaron h

    from District of Columbia

    December 31, 2021

    It was smaller than I expected.
    Verified Purchase

    Laura H

    from District of Columbia

    September 20, 2021

    Horses love this salty deal!!

    Great deal. Arrived quickly. Horses love it.
    Verified Purchase

    Marti S

    from District of Columbia

    July 16, 2021

    Love it for horses~

    Just another to replace one that was getting gone.
    Verified Purchase

    Shelly K

    from Connecticut

    June 13, 2021

    Great Salt!

    My animals love these!
    Verified Purchase

    lucinda i

    from Connecticut

    May 9, 2021

    my mini donkey loves this. he has another salt lick in his stall buy he likes the hanging one better
    Verified Purchase

    Dana T

    from Indiana

    March 23, 2021

    This is a good price and the salt licks are larger size
    Verified Purchase

    Pam P

    from Tennessee

    February 6, 2021

    smaller than I expected
    Verified Purchase

    Nancy B

    from Florida

    December 20, 2020

    The best salt rocks for a great price!
    Verified Purchase

    Deets S

    from Missouri

    November 3, 2020

    My horses love these!
    Verified Purchase

    Caitlyn C

    from North Carolina

    November 2, 2020

    Backordered, have not yet received.
    Verified Purchase

    janet m. s

    from Ohio

    May 28, 2020

    Good sale

    Very nicely priced!
    Verified Purchase

    Markus C

    from California

    May 27, 2020

    Able to give several locations for all horses to get their salt
    Verified Purchase

    janet k

    from Kentucky

    May 27, 2020

    The guys (horses) love them
    Verified Purchase

    jessica r

    from Florida

    April 30, 2020

    Verified Purchase

    Cindy B

    from North Carolina

    April 24, 2020

    Great value
    Verified Purchase

    Valerie L

    from Delaware

    April 12, 2020

    A Great Size and A Great Price

    The perfect size for our horses. We put them in a wall bucket in each stall, because the horses just chew up the ropes. They love this salt.
    Verified Purchase

    Mary M

    from Michigan

    April 10, 2020

    I bought 4 2lb salt block with rope
    Verified Purchase


    from Oregon

    February 7, 2020

    horses love this product
    Verified Purchase

    Lydia W

    from New York

    January 6, 2020

    Can’t beat the price
    Verified Purchase

    Cynthia M

    from North Carolina

    December 21, 2019

    My horse loves these salt blocks.
    Verified Purchase

    Mary L

    from Minnesota

    October 12, 2019

    My horse really enjoy these
    Verified Purchase

    Shannon M

    from Kansas

    October 7, 2019

    I will purchase again.
    Verified Purchase

    Murphy K

    from Alabama

    September 9, 2019

    Horses love them
    Verified Purchase

    Elizabeth S

    from Arkansas

    July 28, 2019

    Horses love these
    Verified Purchase

    Yvonne C

    from Ohio

    July 26, 2019

    Our horses love these in their stalls!
    Verified Purchase

    Debi S

    from Alabama

    July 7, 2019

    We hang one of these in each stall. Several of the horses enjoy licking and playing with their salt.
    Verified Purchase

    nicole p

    from Ohio

    June 14, 2019

    Verified Purchase

    Natoshia L

    from Michigan

    June 12, 2019

    love love love it
    Verified Purchase

    Kim C

    from Maryland

    June 10, 2019

    Lovin' the Himalayan salt!

    I bought several of these because they were such a great price! My horses love them! They work on them all the time. I like the ease of hanging them on the wall because they can't sling them out of the feed tub. They stay clean and are at nose level all the time! I will continue to buy them!
    Verified Purchase

    Betsy M

    from California

    June 9, 2019

    Best products and better customer service!

    These are an important part of each horses stall items. It keeps them busy and lets them get the amount of salt they desire. The price was very low so I bought 10 of them. Your products are simply the best and customer service even better. Delia is a favorite as when I get confused as to what I have been bidding on in the auction she is a great detective in getting me back on track. Great customer service..THANKS!!!
    Verified Purchase

    Abigail J

    from New York

    June 8, 2019

    Great Salt Block but Rope Stinks (to be expected)

    Love the salt chunk, but the rope was my only issue. As is with ropes that are made from this material, when it's new it smells strongly of machine oil. My horse did not like this, so I ended up making my own rope out of clean baling twine.
    Verified Purchase

    Brandy S

    from Oklahoma

    June 8, 2019

    Yum time

    My horses will thank you
    Verified Purchase

    Susan L

    from Indiana

    May 25, 2019

    Not too heavy

    Good for goats too. Not too heavy in this size. FYI-It does melt in the summer months.
    Verified Purchase

    Carol N

    from California

    January 27, 2019

    These are great toys for my stallion.
    Verified Purchase

    Kim A

    from South Carolina

    May 3, 2018

    good quality at a great price
    Verified Purchase

    Melissa T

    from Virginia

    January 16, 2018

    Horses love Himalayan rock salt

    Product was received as advertised, very nicely packaged. Would just rather have it in bigger block form.
    Verified Purchase

    Camila G

    from Rhode Island

    January 16, 2018

    Love these blocks of natural salt

    Love these blocks of natural salt. The price is good too!
    Verified Purchase

    Susan B

    from Idaho

    January 16, 2018

    My horses love this salt block and I tie it to the post inside their loafing shed.
    Verified Purchase

    Jamie B

    from Kentucky

    January 16, 2018

    Love the BOGO offer

    Rhiannon F

    from Kansas

    June 12, 2015

    great salt blocks!

    Pros: My horse seems to like these. The rope makes it nice for hanging.
    Cons: Dissolves quickly if it gets wet

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