Majyk Equipe Cool Compression Gel Ice Boots - Sold in Pairs

Majyk Equipe Cool Compression Gel Ice Boots - Sold in Pairs


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Majyk Equipe Cool Compression Gel Ice Boots - Sold in Pairs, just one of the great products from our large selection here at HorseLoverZ.

The Majyk Equipe Cool/Compression Boot gives a whole new approach to cooling and dispersing heat from your horses' legs after exercise. Made from NASA approved materials, the boot extends above the knee and below fetlock for extra coverage. The long lasting cooling gel paired with the power of compression provides the perfect combination of rest and recovery. The easy to operate hand pump with release valve neatly tucks away in the handy mesh pocket keeping it from trailing. The whole boot can be placed in the freezer compartment or you can cool just the liners in freezer or ice chest for 3-4 hours prior to use. The gel liner becomes ice cold while staying malleable and comfortable as it wraps around the leg. Pump 18-20 times and measure the pressure by inserting finger between gel liner and the leg. Depress button on pump to release pressure. Can be used with or without compression. Non neoprene construction helps protect against mold and fungus growth.


  • Extra Long Gel/Compression Boot-covers from above knee to hoof
  • Ice cold soft gel provides cooling while remaining comfortable on horse's leg
  • Compression feature aids recovery -Studies show cooling plus compression relieves inflammation faster
  • Fully reflective NASA approved material outer layer deflects the sun's rays so boot stays colder longer.
  • Neoprene-free easy wipe material - helps stop gel pack from soaking through outer material. Anti microbial to prevent mold and fungus
  • Easy close hook and loop straps
  • Comes in compact travel bag for easy storage and transportation

    Wipe Clean After Use.

    One Size. Fits horses 15-18 hands. Sold as a Pair.

    Color: Sliver
    Size:  15H-17.2H

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Item # 200-785667

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Customer Reviews (1)

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ashleigh r

from Washington

May 27, 2022
4 out of 5 Stars
Verified Purchase
I like these for use IN BARN for after gallops, jumping days, etc. Downsides are if they are really frozen, of course the compression aspect doesn't work. I've found 10 mins frozen, then tighten them up with compression once they've warmed up some for a few more minutes of cooling. Another downside is I have only had mine 2 years and they are really falling apart! Iooked up Majyk Equipe's Warranty and it's only one year. Pretty bunk :(

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