Horse Quencher

Horse Quencher

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Horse Quencher.

Created by three riders who worried about their horses getting enough to drink, Horse Quencher is an all-natural hydration product designed specifically toencourage horses to drink. Since its creation, its become the Official HydrationProduct of the American Endurance Ride Conference, and has gone to the 2008and 2012 Olympics with the U.S. and Canadian Eventing Teams.

Not an electrolyte or horsey equivalent of soda pop, Horse Quencher is an FEI-suitable precise and proven blend of all-natural grains and flavorings that will cause your customers horses to drink. It causes most horses to dive right into theirwater buckets, making it a handy health insurance policy to have in every barn,trailer and saddle bag. Horse Quencher is also safe for pregnant mares, and can beused as a companion product with electrolytes without creating any productimbalance. In fact, it can significantly increase the acceptance level of electrolytes.

Great for:
- trailering stress
- competition stress
- colic
- weather changes
- cold weather hydration
- general illness or lameness
- use with electrolytes
- pregnant mares
- trail riding
- general treat

Crude Protein (Minimum)6.00 %
Crude Fat (Minimum)3.00 %
Crude Fiber (Maximum)6.50 %
Calcium (Minimum)0.00 %
Calcium (Maximum)0.50 %
Phosphorus (Minimum)0.20 %

Ingredients: Flaked Barley, Salt, Crimped Oats, Cane Molasses, Flaked Corn,Beet Pulp, Vegetable Oil, Propionic Acid (a preservative), Vegan Flavors.

Comes in single-serve packets (2.3 oz), 25 serving pouch (3.5 lb), and 144 serving bucket (20 lb)

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Customer Reviews (4)

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Mona-lisa M

from Alabama

August 17, 2021
Help your guy hydrate while giving him a bit of a tasty treat.
Verified Purchase
My horse loves this! It is so hot, it is now a part of his daily expectations!!! What a nut!

ashleigh r

from Washington

June 13, 2021
It works
Verified Purchase
I was surprised but this stuff works great- the horses love it

Rachel L

from District of Columbia

January 16, 2017
Rachel Laufer
With horses traveling constantly it is so important to keep them hydrated! I have had numerous picky horses over the years and after trying horse quencher for the first time ten years ago It has become a key component in my barn and trailer. Everyone of my horses drinks there water and is so much happier with a bucket of horse quencher in there stall or on the road!

Chester W

from District of Columbia

December 14, 2016
Essential Part of My Stable
Horse Quencher is absolutely essential in my stable, and I absolutely recommend this for anyone wanting to make sure their horses stay hydrated.

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