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                • English Stirrup Key Chain

                  English Stirrup Key Chain

                • 5055 Snap - Solid Brass

                  5055 Snap - Solid Brass

                • Intrepid Jumbo Mane & Tail Comb

                  Intrepid Jumbo Mane & Tail Comb

                • Etched Western Stirrup Keychain

                  Etched Western Stirrup Keychain

                • Neoprene Bit Guards

                  Neoprene Bit Guards

                  $4.09 $4.19 (3% off)
                • Intrepid Horse Squeegee

                  Intrepid Horse Squeegee

                  $4.39 $4.99 (13% off)
                • Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Key Chain With Split Ring

                  Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Key Chain With Split Ring

                  $4.49 - $6.39 $5.84 (24% off)
                • Check Pattern Block Brush

                  Check Pattern Block Brush

                  $4.59 - $5.59
                • Flat Whip Rack

                  Flat Whip Rack

                • Ladies Horse Pattern Sock

                  Ladies Horse Pattern Sock

                  $5.19 $5.79 (11% off)
                • Intrepid Fancy Crochet Fly Veil

                  Intrepid Fancy Crochet Fly Veil

                  $5.19 - $10.99 $7.69
                • One Knot Hair Net

                  One Knot Hair Net

                  $5.29 $7.99 (34% off)
                • Economy Riding Crop

                  Economy Riding Crop

                  $5.75 $6.39 (11% off)
                • Treat Bag Black supple leather. Easy access fold over flap. Belt loop on back.

                  Treat Bag Black supple leather. Easy access fold over flap. Belt loop on back.

                  $5.79 $6.49 (11% off)
                • Wooden Soap Board

                  Wooden Soap Board

                  $5.89 $6.49 (10% off)
                • Riding Crop with Loop

                  Riding Crop with Loop

                • Long Bristle Body Brush

                  Long Bristle Body Brush

                  $6.11 $6.79 (11% off)
                • Synthetic Face Brush

                  Synthetic Face Brush

                • Turtle Back Sponge

                  Turtle Back Sponge

                  $7.46 $8.29 (11% off)
                • Fleece Halter Tube Set

                  Fleece Halter Tube Set

                  $7.50 - $9.79 $13.99
                • Beastie Brush Body Brush

                  Beastie Brush Body Brush

                  $7.64 $8.49 (11% off)
                • Bellingham CoolMax Glove

                  Bellingham CoolMax Glove

                  $7.89 - $12.49 $10.39 (25% off)
                • Albert Fat Pony Hand Puppet You make him dance, gallop and rear!

                  Albert Fat Pony Hand Puppet You make him dance, gallop and rear!

                  $7.99 $10.99 (28% off)
                • Apple Pony Tail Holder

                  Apple Pony Tail Holder

                  $7.99 $10.59 (25% off)
                24 | 48 | 96 | Show All

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                Recent Intrepid International Reviews

                Verified Purchase


                nice halter fits my large headed mini perfectly!
                Verified Purchase

                Intrepid elastic breast collar

                Havent gotten to use it yet. However it looks well made and I'm sure it will work exactly as it is intended to be used.
                Verified Purchase

                I have 4 of these blankets and they fit the best out of 4 different styles.
                Verified Purchase

                Super, love IT
                Verified Purchase

                Nice treat bag.

                Great Christmas present for my mom. She loved it.
                Verified Purchase

                Hello, I ordered two of these turn out blankets for my mini Donkeys. My four legged friends had never wore anything on them like this. After the first cold night, mid 20, I could tell, they really liked their blankets. The blankets fit well and the wife has machine washed them once. The leg straps could have been a bit shorter even with adjustment but with a simple overhand knot made them short enough. Would definitely buy them again.
                Verified Purchase
                Verified Purchase

                Perfect Nightie for My Mini!

                This is the second one of these that I have purchased for Minnie Mouse. They fit well and wash and dry easily and still look like new.
                Verified Purchase

                Great mini horse blanket

                Really nice blanket for the money. Didn’t fit our 32” gelding but was great for our 29” mare.

                Flat Whip Rack

                Lasting for years!

                I bought this a couple years ago and still works perfectly! When i first got it, I thought is was kinda light duty and didn't think it would last long, but it held up great. Even when I remodeled my tack room a year or 2 after I originally got it, I was able remove it from a shelving unit and screw it into a wall no problem. Hang it high or low, it's so easy to 'snap' the whips into the bracket!