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                • Tapestry Comfort Dressage Girth

                  Tapestry Comfort Dressage Girth


                HorseLoverZ brings you a large selection of horse riding products from your favorite brands, including the latest Tapestry Equine Products products. Our selection includes the most popular SALE currently on the market. We carry the best English Horse Tack at prices that you can't beat either through our online auctions, sales or our Price Match Guarantee!

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                This girth really helps my horse breathe. He is girthy, pinning his ears when you even bring a girth near him. He is slab-sided too, so fit is a little tricky. Sometimes my old girth would seem too loose on the sides, but if I tightened it any more, he wouldn't move forward, would swish his tail and act annoyed. With this girth he doesn't pin his ears at all. It still feels a little loose on the sides, but the big part on his sternum seems to keep the saddle in place. Overall I think it's a nice girth.