Andis designs and manufactures high quality animal grooming products for horses, dogs and livestock. Andis is a family owned American company based in Wisconsin. Andis clippers feature detatchable blades, powerful rotary motors and a contorured designed casing. Andis designs a maintenance free clipper, no oiling or greasing of internal parts is needed. Andis also offers many popular styles of cordless clippers and trimmers which makes body clipping horses or livestock, or grooming dogs much easier. Andis clippers have many different models from trimmers to full body clippers. Andis also manufactures replacement parts and blades for all of its products. All of the most popular Andis clippers like the Andis AGC or the Andis Cordless as well as Andis clipper blades and accessories are available at low prices and come with the HorseloverZ 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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