"Valhoma strives to always give the best customer service possible, and to produce the most reliable, safe and stylish pet and large animal products available!"

Valhoma Corporation has been in business for over 41 years! In that time, we have continued to try to always offer the best products and service possible. Many things have changed in four decades, but one thing that has not wavered at all, is the commitment to quality that Valhoma started with in 1968.

Valhoma is a family owned business. The term family also applies to our dedicated employees that have been with Valhoma for many years. Valhoma is located in the center of the United States, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being centrally located gives Valhoma a shipping advantage to provide expedient and efficient service to almost any shipping point in the United States.

Valhoma has learned that expedient service is not only appreciated but required in today's market. We try to ship every order, the day it is received.  That is a tough task to complete on a daily basis, and Valhoma meets that challenge with responsibility and dedication. 

When it comes to a choice for you, the customer, we hope that you select Valhoma with confidence and the assurance of always getting what you need and deserve.

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