Centaur Fetlock Boot

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The Centaur Fetlock Boots are a fantastic, easy to clean option with a soft neoprene lining, elasticized lock straps over the velcro closes, and a tough outer shell. The outer shell is decorated with shiny same colour patterning on the back. It is moulded for an excellent fit around the fetlock, and has a curved recess to allow full freedom of the fetlock joint. Intended to protect the lower leg from brushing, or one leg rubbing against the other, they are shaped to stay in place and not twist around, rendering themselves useless. The protective shell has reinforced stitching neatly around the border, and a rounded, well-padded edge for maximum comfort to the horse. The Fetlock Boots by Centaur have a soft, padded Neoprene lining on the inside. This is easy to wipe clean after use, keeping the boot fresh, without collecting sand and arena footing. The neoprene also has some shock absorbing qualities. They secure in place with an elasticized Velcro hook and loop fastener with a vertical elastic lock on the outside. It is quick and easy to put on and take off. The Centaur Fetlock Boots are lightweight, weighing in at 200g.
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