No Thrush Dry Thrush Treatment for Horses

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No Thrush

Revolutionary ''DRY'' Thrush Treatment

No Thrush is the first ever ''DRY'' approach to thrush treatment.It's Safe,All-Natural formulais ''dusted on'' with a thin-tipped squeeze bottle, which providesexcellent coverageof the infected area. The ingredients have been ground into afine powder. It coats the area of the infection just as flour coats and stays on yourhands whilebaking.

No Thrush finds the damp, deep-in places that wet products cant find. In fact, the developer asked: ''Why put a ''Wet'' product on a ''Wet'' infection?Isn't that counter-productive?''Won't burn your horse's tender tissue with chemicals!

Why is No Thrush different? (Why would I buy it?)
* For starters Its Dry! No more messy liquids.
* The squeezable bottle puffs out thepowder-fine product into all the hidden places.Quick and easy.
* No moreapplying goopy wet productswith atooth brushor cotton ball.
* No Thrush attacks the odor associated with thrush. You will notice a difference almost immediately.
* No Thrush isnatural, safe, non-toxic, and conforms to competition standards. (Will Not Test!)
* No Thrush has also been successfully used in treatingareas of fungus on the equine coat and legs.
* No Thrushisvery inexpensive.

*****Most importantly It Works!

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