Stubben Steeltec EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

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Made with the highest quality materials the Stubben Steeltec EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle will leave your horse happy and you with a great ride. The full cheek on this bit prevent lateral movement through the horses mouth or pinching at the cheeks. Stubben Steeltec materials and workmanship features no rough edges bit holes and link pieces that won't wear out quickly. Long durability is achieved by using stainless steel for all lateral mouthpieces. Benefits of an EZ Control Full Cheek Snaffle: Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides Enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins Allows gentle and sensitive aids The effect of the bit comes into action gently. When the horse accepts the bit it lies smoothly between tongue and lower jaw. Only in moments of disobedience when the horse resists the riders aid the leverage action of the bit is initiated. As soon as the horse backs down and accepts the riders aid the bit acts flexible and soft on the horses tongue and bars.
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